About Belle d'Avalane

Avalane is a Belgian company, specialised in freeze-drying flowers. We provide a broad range of natural looking freeze-dried flowers that last a long time and have no seasonal restrictions. We are also wholesaler in the preserved flowers and greenery. We deliver diffrent brands like Rose Amor, Vermeille, Verdissimo and Kiara worldwide.

Wholesalers and retailers can contact us for more information by email: info@avalane.com.

For flower arrangements you can contact us by email: shop.antwerpen@avalane.com or order online at www.tifiori.com.

Why Avalane?

Avalane's freeze-dried flowers will last a long time. They keep their natural colour, shape and look, which makes them a unique gift for your best friends or relationships or … for yourself.


During the freeze-drying process, the flowers are frozen before extracting all the moisture. Thanks to this natural process, the original shape, structure and colour of the flower are preserved in their most beautiful state. Moreover, the freeze-drying technique also ensures the flowers become sturdy, making them easier to use in flower decorations.


Avalane's freeze-dried flowers last for years, without water or nutrients. This guarantees satisfied customers.

Natural looks

Thanks to the freezing technique, your flower arrangements look as natural as with fresh flowers. The freeze-dried flowers can also be used in combination with fresh foliage that dries naturally, like hortensia or eucalyptus.

Broad range

With more than 90 varieties, the possible combinations are endless. And our range is updated regularly.

How to use

Easy and resilient to use. Freeze-dried flowers can be glued with cold or warm glue. You can also use the petals separately for your original creations.

No seasonal restrictions

Our range is available throughout the year. Thanks to Avalane, you are no long subject to seasons, temperatures or price fluctuations. Prepare your compositions well in advance before peak moments by using freeze-dried flowers.


We have a concept store in Antwerp where we sale flower arrangements with freeze-dried and preserved flowers. You can see some the arrangements on our socials. We also take orders for weddings, restaurants, hotels,... For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.